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Plastic fabrication is one of our specialties. Using laser-cut components and our precision bending and bonding techniques, Nepean Plastics & Displays can make a wide range of containers, shelving, trophies, poster/brochure holders, product dispensers and ornaments for displays.


Bonding plastic materials is a craft, and quality plastic fabrication an art form. Our design team can take your custom design and make it a reality. Our specialist assembly facility and bending machinery combined with our exacting finishing capabilities ensure the highest quality end product, all at a reasonable price.

We accept low to medium volume orders. So whether your requirement is one item or 100, give us call to discuss your custom design needs.

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We can surface engrave most woods and card boards, natural leather, rubber and a selection of plastics including acrylic (Perspex) and PETG, ABS and polystyrene. Notable materials that cannot be laser engraved include PVC  (vinyl) , glass and most metals.

Photographs can be surface engraved as monochrome images. Light-coloured wood such as pine is a superb medium for engraving.  For best results when photo-engraving on to clear plastics, images composed of high contrasting elements are recommended.

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