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Toughened Glass Splashbacks

Toughened glass splashbacks not only look great, they offer practical advantages over alternative coverings for walls that are adjacent to food preparation areas. Unlike ceramic tiles, glass spashbacks can be cut as one piece, minimizing joints and allowing quick installation. We offer a range of thicknesses, patterns and colours, or we can apply your own personalized pattern.


Installations for most kitchens can be completed within half a day. 


  • Heat and flame resistant to 600°C

  • Featured panels can be backed with almost any colour or pattern

  • Resistant to all caustic grease removers

  • Easy to clean. No gaps. 

  • Quick installation

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Splashback Patterns
Splashback Patterns
Splashback Patterns

Frosted or Etched Glass Effects

Frosted-glass effect film can be applied to the inside of windows and glass panels as an alternative to drapes or blinds. Its advantages include easy cleaning and maintenance, and providing  privacy while still allowing most external light to pass through. 


Frosted-glass effect film is available in a variety of patterns.


Contact us for a free quote and expert advice. . 

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